Apple Smoothies

Grab your Ninja blender and make one of our Apple Smoothie Recipes that if made daily just might keep the doctor away.

Did you know that apples are extremely rich in important antioxidants, flavanoids, and dietary fiber? Fresh apples can help to cleanse your system, aid in digestion, keep your blood sugar levels up and can lower your cholesterol.

Apple Pie Smoothie


Are you trying to keep the doctor away? Try our apple pie smoothie for a great tasting smoothie to keep the doctor away if drunken daily. DISCLAIMER: The content of this apple pie smoothie does contain a qualified … [Read more...]

Woodland Smoothie


These classic woodland flavors make this the perfect fall smoothie. Actually, this smoothie can be enjoyed any time of year in which you can get your hands on some fresh blackberries. Smoothie tip: Replace the apple … [Read more...]

Apricot Breakfast Smoothie


The wheat germ in this breakfast smoothie provides a slow release of energy throughout the morning, helping you to keep satisfied until lunch time. The wheat germ also adds a creamy texture to this delicious breakfast … [Read more...]

Apple & Nutmeg Smoothie


What was it your grandmother always told you? Oh yes, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" is what she said. The apple has become what is known as one of nature's very own super-foods. The malic and tartic acids found … [Read more...]

Grandma’s Apple Pie Smoothie


Apple pie with ice cream is an iconic all-American dessert, and here the pie and ice cream are blended into one angelic smoothie. Smoothie tip: Prepare the basic smoothie recipe, adding 1/4 cup stewed rhubarb to the … [Read more...]

Celery & Apple Berry Delight


Put away the smoothie blender as this recipe requires a juice extractor! This is an excellent hydrating smoothie to get you back to peak performance so you can face the day ahead with some momentum. Smoothie tip: … [Read more...]

Apricot & Mandarin Smoothie


The rich flavor of apricots is delicious, however, this basic smoothie for kids can be adapted easily by changing the main fruit being used. Smoothie Tip: Try replacing the apricots with a nectarine. Remove the skin … [Read more...]