Workout Smoothies

View our collection of workout smoothie recipes curated by the Smoothie Ninja. Our workout smoothies are perfect recovery drinks when your muscles need to rebuild themselves with protein.

Lite ‘n Lush Smoothie

Lite 'n Lush Smoothie Recipe

After a hard workout, you need to replenish your body of not only water, but electrolytes. And because you're trying to lose weight, you want a low calorie drink to replenish the fluids and electrolytes lost. That's … [Read more...]

VitaMax Smoothie

VitaMax Smoothie Recipe

Fuel up your muscles with extra carbohydrates before your workout with out VitaMax Smoothie made from Greek yogurt and fruits. It's packed with over 50 grams of carbohydrates so be sure to drink this smoothie about one … [Read more...]

High Voltage Smoothie

high voltage smoothie

After a hard workout at the gym you need to replenish spent nutrients. The protein rich tofu included in this smoothie recipe will give your brain a boost thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids found in tofu. Another benefit … [Read more...]

Whey-Too-Good Banana Protein Smoothie


A protein packed smoothie makes for an ideal post-exercise drink. Depending on which recipe you follow, you could end up with a calorie- and sugar-packed slushy vs. a healthy low calorie post-workout … [Read more...]

Extreme Chocolate Smoothie


Within 30 minutes of a long/tough workout you need to consume some high-quality protein and amino acids to help rebuild your damaged muscles. Most of the time I use EAS AdvantEdge 100% Whey Protein as the main … [Read more...]