Fruit Smoothies

Browse our free collection of fruit smoothie recipes. From cancer fighting mango smoothies to the classic banana smoothies, we're certain we have plenty of fruit smoothies tempting your taste buds.

Classic Banana Smoothie


The oldest smoothie recipe in the book! The classic banana smoothie is chock full of flavors that's thick, creamy and just what you taste buds are screaming for when they're in the mood for a delicious smoothie. … [Read more...]

Plain Vanilla Smoothie


Serve this basic plain vanilla smoothie using a variety of toppings or by mixing other ingredients into the ice cream for a little something extra. Smoothie tip: Make your ice cubes from milk to reduce the diluting … [Read more...]

Magnificent Mango Smoothie


A basic fruit smoothie recipe made from Mango. This easy smoothie recipe can be adapted to suit most other types of fruits. According to a recent report conducted by Texas AgriLife Research food scientists, Mango has … [Read more...]

Fruit Combo Smoothie


Choose complimentary flavors and good quality ripe fresh fruits to make a perfect smoothie every time. For a really smooth smoothie, process the fruit in a blender, then press through a non-metallic strainer. Smoothie … [Read more...]

Grapeberry Smoothie


This smoothie has an amazing color. An easy way to get a lot of natural energy is to start drinking grape juice. Give this smoothie a try and tell me if you don't feel refreshed and energized. All from a delicious … [Read more...]

Grape & Kiwi Smoothie


This smoothie is bursting with fruity flavors. You'll love the mild grape, tangy kiwi and honey combination all wrapped up into one sweet and delicious fruit drink. Smoothie tip: Keep pitted grapes in your freezer and … [Read more...]

Watermelon Smoothie


Mouthwatering watermelon makes for a wonderful smoothie. It's sweet and smooth and comes with a little kick thanks to the addition of raspberry jelly. … [Read more...]